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List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles

6 Key Advantages we deliver to you

At Alloy Wire International (AWI), we provide customers with high-quality products, excellent services, on-time deliveries and order dependability.

Our knowledge and experience, combined with continual investment in R&D and technology, keeps us at the forefront of the wire industry and you receive an expert solution for your individual order specification.

We can manufacture wire to customer precise specification often with properties unique to client. Servicing a wide range of sectors and a vast variety of applications, Alloy Wire is an integral supporter of numerous high tech applications for sectors such as aerospace, nuclear, motor sport, chemical processing, electronics and oil & gas.

As well as manufacturing superior quality products, we know that excellent customer service is vital, and with Alloy Wire International being 100% employee owned, these values are firmly held by all.

Therefore, we offer flexible options to our customers’ orders which include a wide order quantity range and extensive wire size range.

We have summarised our ‘6 key advantages’ to show the reasons why Alloy Wire International is the World’s preferred supplier for Nickel Alloy Wire.

Large size range from .001” (0.025mm) to 0.827” (21mm)

We operate from two state-of-the-art factories which, with continual investment in the latest technology and machinery, produce precision wire sizes from .001″ (0.025mm) to .827″ (21mm) in small batches and medium volumes. A large choice in wire sizes along with our abundant experience within the industry, means you can order the wire best suited to your application.

As the premier supplier supporting 15 demanding industries, our large range of High Performance wire provides the solution to most critical applications. Manufactured under stringent standards, we are the preferred supplier of nickel alloy wire for aircraft structures, aircraft engines, nuclear power generation, chlorination systems, marine valve and pump functions and oil exploration.

We can also provide wire for small scale/precision products such as electrics and electronics where dimensional tolerances and surface finishes are critical.

Simply send us the requirements for your specific application or our technical support team are available for its review. They are pleased to discuss related specifications for your wire or its intended use.

Order Quantity ranging from 3 metres to 3 tonnes

At Alloy Wire International, we take great pride in customer satisfaction and frequently discuss individual requirements, offering a tailored solution through manufacturing flexibility and technical knowledge.

We manufacture the wire you require in the quantity you require it. Our world class manufacturing performance gives you a flexible order quantity ranging from 3 meters to 3 tonnes, meaning you only pay for what you need and don’t have to buy the large minimum order quantities other wire manufacturers demand.

Our flexible order quantity applies to all our products and for customers in all countries and industries.

And, our Quality Approval ISO 9001 and accreditation to Aerospace Quality Approval AS9100 are recognition that our manufacturing and processing techniques are defined to the highest industry standards achievable.

Simply inform us of the product and order quantity you require for your unique application or our technical support team are available if you require advice.

Delivery within 2 weeks

We typically manufacture your wire and ship within 2 weeks, delivering our wire to more than 55 countries across the world.

Our lead times are short because we stock in excess of 200 tonnes of more than 60 ‘High Performance’ alloys and, if your finished wire is not available from stock, we can manufacture within 2 weeks to your specification and deliver to you via air courier – or next day if in the UK.

We take pride in our 98% on time delivery performance, as we are always striving for excellent customer satisfaction.

All wire, bars or rope are securely packed suitable for transporting by road, air courier or sea, with wire available in coils, spools and cut lengths. All items are clearly labelled with the order number, alloy, dimensions, weight, cast number and date.

There is also the option to supply neutral packaging or labelling featuring the customer’s branding and company logo.

Simply send us the requirements for your specific application or our technical support team are available for its review. They are pleased to discuss related specifications for your wire or its intended use.

Manufacturing wire, bars and rope in 60 Exotic alloys

We are the world leading manufacturer of precision drawn round wire, flat wire, profile wire, bars and wire rope in more than 60 different ‘High Performance’ nickel alloys, also known as ‘Exotic’ alloys.

AWI invest every year in new machinery and our R&D facilities enable us to constantly explore new materials and processes, keeping us at the forefront of the wire industry.

Each of our Exotic alloys provide unique core properties, some of which include resistance to heat, corrosion resistance, high strength, creep resistance, controlled expansion, ductility and electrical qualities.

Aside from round, our wire comes in a variety of profiles such as flat, square, D-shape, chamfered or to a design of your choice.

We take great pride in the quality of our materials and start with only the best stock with EU and DFARS compliance. Our Quality Approval ISO9001 and Aerospace accreditation AS9100 further confirm our commitment to supplying wire to the highest industry standards achievable.

Simply contact our skilled technical support team for selecting the best alloy for your application, and the specification to which your wire is to be made.

Order is manufactured to your specification

We produce round wire, flat wire, shaped wire and wire rope to your exact specification and in exactly the quantity you are looking for.

With a range of 60 Exotic Alloys available, we can provide the ideal alloy wire with specialist properties best suited to your chosen application.

Our alloy wires, such as the corrosion resistant wire Inconel® 625 Alloy, is designed for aqueous and off-shore environments, while the Inconel® 718 alloy offers superior mechanical properties in low and sub-zero temperature environments. We also have high strength, hot cutting wire ideal for high temperatures and perfect for cutting polystyrene (EPS) and heat sealing (PP) food bags.

Whether you require a specific component part for an aero engine or need wire with properties to make the perfect spring, our knowledge of the industry sectors and state-of-the-art machinery means we can reliably manufacture wire to strict design specifications and requirements from all over the world.

We also offer a reprocessing service where your special grade, free issue materials, such as silver-palladium, can be processed to a smaller size and precise specification.

Our team will discuss your requirements and, with our manufacturing flexibility, offer you a custom made solution.

Our ‘Emergency Manufacturing Service’ for delivery within days

Our usual delivery times are 2 weeks, however if an urgent order is required, our Emergency Manufacturing Service ensures your wire is manufactured within days and shipped to your door via the fastest route possible.

Delivering to more than 55 countries across the world, this premium service is ideal for industries including oil and gas, naval, nuclear and aerospace – where a speedy delivery of precision wire is critical.

If you have an emergency situation and require wire even faster, call us with your order specification and ask for our Emergency Manufacturing Service (E.M.S.). Our technical and production teams will swiftly respond to your quote.

Contact us so we can better understand you

Every customer has their own needs, their own standards to adhere to and their own projects with unique specifications. Alloy Wire is a partner in finding the right solution first time.

Ask a question, request information or enquire whichever way best suits you. Live chat with an expert, use any of our forms or contact us by phone or email.

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