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Alloy wire for Spring Wire

Spring Wire

Spring Wire

Specialists in High Performance nickel alloys, one of our largest and most diverse markets globally is the spring manufacturing industry. They produce compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs and formed parts from our material to perform in critically demanding places like aircraft engines, nuclear installations, valves and deep down oil wells – where other wire regularly fails to perform.

We understand exactly what the spring maker needs for precision coiling and supply exactly how they want it, guaranteeing consistency in temper and a dead cast whether that is wire in coils with soap coating or clean on spools. There is even the option of straight bars.

What we do really well is producing any wire size between 0.025mm (.001”) to 21mm (.827”) to precise tolerances – typically within 3 weeks. The spring industry today is demanding more wire that is certified to an increasing number of specifications, or produced to the customer’s own special mechanical properties, which we also support very well.

Our technical and metallurgical team talk through spring manufacturers’ technical requirements, material application and help solve potential manufacturing situations around the need for corrosion resistant and high temperature performing wire.

Alloy Wire International’s worldwide reputation for Quality and Reliability are backed up by:-

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management approval
  • AS 9100 Aerospace & Defence approval
  • ISO 14001 Environmental approval
  • OHSAS 18001 Health & safety approval
  • BAE Systems approval.

Important to the spring maker is the assurance that our 200 tonnes of starting stock in 60 different High Performance alloys is EU and DFARS compliant.

If you are a spring maker and require High Performance nickel alloy wire in any quantity from 3 meters (10ft) to as much as 3000 Kg (7000 Lbs) or would like technical support on any of the 60 High Performance nickel alloy wires – please call your local Alloy Wire International sales office.

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6 Key advantages to you, our customer

Key advantages to you, our customer

Size: 0.025 mm (.001”) to 21 mm (.827”)

Size: .001” (0.025 mm) to .827” (21 mm)

Order quantity: 3 metres to 3 tonnes

Order quantity: 10 feet to 10000 Lbs

Delivery: within 3 weeks

Delivery: within 3 weeks

Wire, bars & rope in over 50 alloys

Wire, bars & rope in over 60 alloys

Manufactured to your specification

Manufactured to your specification

Emergency Manufacturing Service

Emergency Manufacturing Service

Spring Wire Range

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Alloy Wire

Alloy Wire
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