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Hastelloy˘ C-4
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Hastelloy˘ C-4

Available in any of the 'profile options'

This Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy tolerates high temperatures and gives a design freedom in areas where weld geometry makes excessive heat build-up unavoidable. Resistance to general and localised corrosion and stress corrosion cracking is generally similar to Hastelloy C-276.

Hastelloy C-4 is also known as Nicrofer 6616.

Chemical Composition Specifications Designations Key Features Typical Applications
Element Min % Max %
Cr 14.00 18.00
Mo 14.00 17.00
Fe 3.00
C 0.015
Si 0.08
Co 2.00
Mn 1.00
P 0.04
S 0.03
Ti 0.70
Ni Bal
W.NR 2.4610
UNS N06455
AWS 052
Excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and to oxidizing atmospheres at high temperature
Exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments including, hot contaminated mineral acids, solvents, chlorine, formic and acetic acids, and salt waters.
Chemical processing
Density 8.64 g/cm³ 0.312 lb/in³
Melting Point 1399°C 2550°F
Coefficient of Expansion 10.8 μm/m °C (20 – 100°C) 6.0 x 10-6 in/in °F (70 – 212°F)
Modulus of Rigidity 81.2 kN/mm² 11777 ksi
Modulus of Elasticity 212.4 kN/mm² 30807 ksi
Heat Treatment of Finished Parts
Condition as supplied by Alloy Wire Type Temperature Time (Hr) Cooling
°C °F
Annealed or Spring Temper Stress Relieve 400 – 450 750 – 840 2 Air
Condition Approx. tensile strength Approx. operating temperature
N/mm² ksi °C °F
Annealed 800 – 1100 116 – 159 -200 to +400 -330 to +750
Spring Temper 1300 – 1700 189 – 247 -200 to +400 -330 to +750

The above tensile strength ranges are typical. If you require different please ask.

*Trade name of Haynes International

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